The task must be done using the psych package in R. The codes should be run on R

The task must be done using the psych package in R. The codes should be run on R Markdown and knit to word document so that I have all the codes included with the results.
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R file should have all the calculations and word document – just questions and answers.


We ask that all students attend one seminar over the course of the semester and

We ask that all students attend one seminar over the course of the semester and write a one-page (450-550 words) summary of the presentation and key takeaways. We encourage you to attend one of the Global Development Perspectives Seminars or TAD-POLE seminars, but you can attend any seminar that relates to a development topic. Please upload your summaries here before the end of the semester. The seminar video link is in the additional materials.


1. You will create content for MVP Application and Game Design Company. The comp

1. You will create content for MVP Application and Game Design Company. The company is in the United Arab Emirates. Look at the attached files to understand more about content. Describe how the content should be.
2. The attached files may not be enough. Look for the available information online. Do not contact the company for information.


During the early stages of the pandemic many U.S. residents were looking for rec

During the early stages of the pandemic many U.S. residents were looking for recreation and ways to remain physically active that did not involve mingling with other people inside buildings. One such activity that met the criteria was outdoor go-kart racing. Contrary to the term “racing,” go-kart tracks serving the general public are not really racing-oriented. The karts are designed to be fun to drive for both experienced and inexperienced drivers alike. Anyone can just jump in and drive one, although practice leads to more skill. The karts themselves are very fun and safe to drive. The faster they are driven, the more physical is the workout. In most cases, the only “racing” being done is against the clock: trying for the best “lap time” (that is, having the lowest elapsed time to complete one entire circuit of the track). Printouts provided after the “heat” (a heat typically consists of 10 minutes of driving time around the track) reveal the lap times for each participant in the heat, ranked from quickest driver to slowest. PGP, the only outdoor go-kart track serving the Seattle area, has a 9/10-of-a-mile long track, with 30+ gas-powered karts capable of reaching speeds up to 50 mph. Anyone can arrive at the track at any time, pay $25, and jump in a kart (helmets are provided free of charge) and run in a heat with up to 30 other “racers” on the track at the same time. Depending on the skill level of the driver, a 10 minute heat would result in 7–9 laps (faster drivers can complete more laps in the same time frame). Many visitors to the track just run a single heat, but lots more come for a longer visit and run multiple heats (typically with a break or two in between). Completing a half-dozen heats (10-minute heats are run every 15 minutes) usually encompasses about two hours. During the non-rainy season in Seattle (generally from June to early-November), the track is busy every day from when it opens at 10:00 and closes at 5:00. During this season, PGP often hosts “corporate track events,” a “bonding exercise” that managers in local companies conduct with their employees. For these events, a company contracts with PGP to rent the whole track for an hour or so during the day to be used exclusively by its employees. Usually there is a break in the racing for lunch, employee recognition ceremonies, etc. (and of course, to proclaim the company “race winner”). When the season in Seattle turns rainy, there are far fewer customers at PGP each day (and rarely corporate events). PGP operates its track every day, rain or shine. What can make such an operation especially challenging is that the demand on any day is so closely tied to the weather, and thus sporadic. However, PGP must still keep a sizable staff working each day (about a dozen employees) even if only a few customers arrive (for example, corner workers are needed at the turns on the track regardless of how many racers are on the course; it still takes personnel to operate the front desk, mechanics to work on the karts, etc.). But even during Seattle’s rainy season, there are often dry times during the week (and sometimes even dry and wet times on any given day), so there are actually lots of opportunities to drive the karts during the fall, winter and spring. Dedicated kart drivers know that cold days are often the best days with the fastest lap times (colder air gives the engine more power, and the track is usually less crowded). And there are even a few (very few) die-hard racers who enjoy driving in the rain. Now, suppose that PGP management has approached you, a marketing consultant, to discuss a promotion that they are considering offering. The proposed promotion: Buy a “speed pack” for $150 and get $200 worth of races. The promotion would be launched in late November, and it would be valid to use anytime during the year. Only the purchaser of the speed pack would be entitled to use it (that is, the races could not be shared with friends, or the price split between two or more buyers). A limited number of speed packs (1000) would be sold, and PGP management expects all the speed packs would sell out. PGP management seeks your recommendation as to whether offering this promotion is a good or bad idea. Your task is to explain to them the potential benefits and drawbacks of running this promotion. Your analysis should include a computation of any shift in surplus that occurs for both PGP and the buyers of the speed packs. (In your analysis you can ignore any variable costs such as gasoline, tires, etc., which are relatively minor). Be sure to consider the strategic aspects of the promotion, as well. Begin your answer with either Recommend or Not Recommend.

Social Work and Human Services

Answer Question 1-5 with four to five sentences the chapter for answer is in red

Answer Question 1-5 with four to five sentences the chapter for answer is in red where you can find answer to help with your question. Question 6 and 7 write paragraph in APA form.
1.What questions should you ask before starting the evaluation process to determine the focus and scope of your evaluation? and explain, and describe the who, what, where, when, how and why method of documentation? Be sure to comment on two of your peers posting. Read Chap 14
2.How can you develop partnerships with families that support child construction play and in what ways can you incorporate diversity into construction play? Read Chap 13
3.. What do children develop through outdoor play, discuss the importance of large motor development and outdoor play in young children and their relationship to stages of child developmentLarge Motor and Outdoor Play. Read Chap 12
4.;Explain some ways to support each and every child’s success in developing fine motor skills and ways in which to integrate and create fine motor and manipulative play activities appropriate for young children? Be sure to cite evidence to support your answer and respond to one of your classmate’s post. Fine Motor and Manipulatives Read Chap 11
5.Identify at least 10 essential materials that should be in your classroom in order to ensure that your young students have the opportunity to discover math through hands-on experiences. Explain why the selected materials will work for your students’. Be sure to cite evidence for your answer and comment on 2 peers postings. Read Chap 10
6.Write a one paragraph essay in APA form on chapter 12. Large Motor and Outdoor Play Read Chap 12
7.Read Chap 11 Write a one paragraph essay in APA form on chapter 11. Graded Discussion.

Database design and optimization

Instructions are in document. I will be using putty to test program. Let me know

Instructions are in document. I will be using putty to test program. Let me know if you have questions. Comments on code are not necessary. If possible use non- complex techniques


Locate an empirical article on a topic of interest to you that utilizes a qualit

Locate an empirical article on a topic of interest to you that utilizes a qualitative content analysis. After you read the article, consider the following:
How did the authors come up with the categories for the coding frame? Did these seem reasonable?
How did the authors address issues of reliability?
How well did the final report summarize the original data? Was anything lost in the process? Explain.
For this assignment, you are going to practice conducing a simple qualitative analysis. Specifically, you will conduct a qualitative content analysis (QCA) in which you will assign codes to qualitative data and summarize your findings. You will be provided with authentic data from a study involving motivation for religious sacrifice. In this study, participants were asked to respond to the open-ended prompt, “Please describe a time when you gave something up for religious reasons.” Twenty responses were selected from the larger study for this assignment and have been provided to you in the attached file (Qualitative Analysis Project.docx). The purpose of this analysis is to determine the types of religious sacrifices most frequently reported by religious individuals.
To the right of the responses, you will find a coding frame with five different categories (i.e., types of sacrifice): immoral entertainment, food, drugs/alcohol, sexual behavior, and money. Each category has been color-coded for you. Read through each of the responses and determine whether any part of the text belongs to one of the categories from the coding frame. For example, if the text were to state, “I gave up eating chocolate during lent,” it would be coded as a “food” sacrifice and assigned to the food category. When you find text that matches one of the categories, use the highlighter feature in Word to highlight the text in the corresponding color. Note that a single response may contain text belonging to more than one category.
When you finish coding all of the responses using the highlighter, go back and count the number of responses that contained text from each of the five categories. Once you have the count, divide that number by 20 to find the percentage of responses that correspond to that category. Enter this information into the table at the bottom of the page. Note that the percentages will likely add up to more than 100% because some responses may be counted more than once if they contain text from more than one category. Finally, write a brief description of your findings. Explain (in words) which categories were most common and provide a brief quote that you think best illustrates each respective category.
BOOK: Babbie, E. R. (2016). The Basics of Social Research (7th ed.). Cengage Learning US. (CHAPTER 13)
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Discipline: Research Methodology
“10 Problems with Qualitative Data” (VIDEO)

IT, Web

BACKGROUND: One of the key objectives of this course is to teach you to think li

One of the key objectives of this course is to teach you to think like a Cybersecurity Leader. Leaders help establish scalable strategy, processes and standards. The only way this type of leadership can be effective is communicating with the remainder of the organization, which means documentation and training.
You have also learned in this class that polices and procedures should be driving a cybersecurity or information security program.
The objective of this assignment is for you to develop cybersecurity policies that you would use in a fictitious organization.
You will NOT be writing procedures (i.e., no step by step instructions) or standards (e.g., 256-bit symmetric encryption keys).
You will earn full points by ensuring that key policy elements listed below are addressed, and the policies are written in a professional manner. Review the lecture material on what the purpose of a policy is and how it is structured. You can also use Google for ideas, but the writing must be in your own words. Do not copy-paste from the web, as TurnItIn will reveal that plagiarism. There should not be any references listed, as this all your own thinking and writing, based on what you have learned and ideas you find from researching.
You may discuss and brainstorm with other students, but again, you must write your own words….TurnItIn will reveal shared content as well.
PEER REVIEW: While the instructor makes the final grading decision, two of your peers will review your policies for quality and completeness, and share their opinion with the instructor. This process helps you continue to learn, as you see how others have written their policies. It’s harder to write a policy than it seems!
View your peers as employees of the organization you would develop these policies for. Ask yourself, will they easily understand the policies? Would their use of these polices actually protect the organization’s data?
You are writing a policy for a single doctor dental practice located in an office complex.
There are 4 employees (the dentist, two dental hygienists and an office manager).
There are 3 desktop computers (the office manager computer (used for collecting credit card payments and scheduling appointments) and two computers beside the dental chairs (used for taking x-rays and recording health details).
You can assume computers never leave the office.
The EHR software used by the practice is tab32 Links to an external site.(for managing the practice).
Microsoft 365 Business Basic Links to an external site.for web browser-based email only (Teams and Sharepoint are NOT used).
You can assume patient data is never emailed.
The office is secured with two external doors that are locked after hours and everyone in the organization is given a metal key to unlock.
There are no video cameras, but the last person to leave activates an alarm.
The front door is unlocked during the day and the office manager greets anyone that may come through that door.
Create a single document called “ACME Dental Workforce Security Policies” and save as a PDF that you attach and upload.
The audience for these polices is everyone within the organization, meaning the “entire workforce” (employees, contractors and volunteers).
These policies should tell the workforce what to do in their daily activities to ensure security of the organization’s data.
The document should be at least 1,000 words in length.
The document should contain at a minimum policy items that address the following:
Secure use of the EHR
Account and password use
Accessing from home or public computers
Printing patient data
Logging off
Secure use of Microsoft 365 for email
Account and password use
Accessing from home or public computers
Detecting and reporting phishing emails
Opening attachments
Clicking on links from un-known senders
Forwarding company email to external recipients
Forwarding company email to employee’s personal email accounts
Emailing patient data (or not!)
Using the EHR and Microsoft 365 from a BYOD device (e.g., personal phone, personal computer at home)
Prohibiting company data on personal cloud-applications (e.g., DropBox)
Using (or not!) the EHR and Microsoft 365 from a public computer (e.g., computer in the lobby of a hotel)
Company Computers
Use of company computers for personal needs and random web surfing
Use of company computers for illegal, dangerous or inappropriate activities
Accepting software updates
Never disabling antivirus and other security controls
Office security
Securing the office after-hours
Sharing of keys
Visitors (not patients, but friends or family of the employees)
Leaving the front door unattended
Other concerns
Attending periodic security training sessions
Reporting concerns that patient privacy or security has been violated
Reporting issues or concerns with computers, email or the EHR
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Discipline: cybersecurity


The main content of this speech is to predict the development of Coca-Cola Compa

The main content of this speech is to predict the development of Coca-Cola Company in the next 4 years. The slides I am responsible for are pages three and six. Please go through everything contained in the ppt and write a speech for pages 3 and 6. (It may be helpful to read Coca-Cola’s 2021 annual report in advance.)

Human Resources Management (HRM)

This assignment is the second of four SLPs where you will be building a bank of

This assignment is the second of four SLPs where you will be building a bank of takeaways pertaining to ethical and/or unethical behaviors.
Begin by reading the following scenario for SLP 2:
When Even Doctors Smoked
From the 1940s to the 1970s, cigarettes were as common as water bottles are today. Nearly everyone smoked, from judges in court to factory workers and pregnant women. Edward Bernays, the Austrian-American founder of the field of public relations, promoted smoking among women in a 1929 campaign in New York City in which he marketed Lucky Strike cigarettes as “torches of freedom” that would lead to equality between men and women.
However, by the late 1960s, and in the wake of the release of the landmark Surgeon General’s report on “Smoking and Health” on January 11, 1964, it had become clear that there was a direct link between cigarette smoking and lung cancer. Subsequent research has added heart and lung diseases, stroke, and diabetes. Smoking has decreased in Western countries but remains well established in the global East and South, where cigarette manufacturers actively promote the products in markets like Brazil, China, Russia, and Singapore, especially among young people.
Are such practices ethical? Why or why not?
Source: Byars and Stanberry (2018), pgs. 140-141.
The following source should also be useful to you as reference:
World Health Organization. (2018). WHO global report on trends in prevalence of tobacco smoking 2000-2025 (2nd Ed.), pp. 11-18. Retrieved from
This assignment asks you to:
Express your reactions
Apply your own background/experiences
State important takeaways
Add other comments you would like to make
Your SLP submission should be 2- to 3-pages of text, well organized, well written, and 100% error free. You may use first- or third-person voice. Write in full sentences and demonstrate your critical-thinking skills. Be creative (for example, add color and/or small graphics).
Note: In this SLP we have introduced the importance of library research. Going forward also support your arguments with sources from the Trident Online Library. This is an expectation at the graduate level.
Additional Requirements for this SLP Assignment:
Utilize 3 sources of information from the Trident Online Library, one from each of the following:
A book from Skillsoft Books 24×7
A periodical from ProQuest Central
An Internet source
Include an Appendix at the end of your paper (add it just after your References page). In the appendix for each source discuss why you chose to use it in your paper, and discuss what factors you used to determine they were appropriate.
Information Literacy Emphasis
The grading rubric for Information Literacy has been developed to measure student success in meeting the ETH501 SLP 2 “introduced” expectations related to Information Literacy. Other assessments of information literacy at the “reinforced” and “emphasized” levels are included in future assignments in courses designed for that purpose.
General References Useful for Preparing Graduate-Level Papers:
For a list of general reference sources related to locating library sources, using APA formatting, applying critical-thinking skills, and so forth, see General References Useful for Preparing Graduate-Level Assignments. It is not required that you read these sources page-by-page, but rather use them as guides.
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Customer is an international student. Please, provide a regular grammatically correct, well-structured paper according to the instructions and academic context provided, written with simple sentence structures and easy vocabulary (or shortly, use simple English).