Make sure you answer all questions please

You can find all what you need for the report in the materials.
And use the expectations .. you can find it in the materials.
Make sure you answer all questions please

Public Relations (PR)

Word count 850-900 excluding refrence.

Please use easy and simple vocabulary words, no fancy words because english is my second languge and try to make it simple and NOT advanced.
Please check the plagiarism, it should be less than 15% by Turnitin.
For references, it should be in APA style, please include the author’s name, place, time and all details of all sources information. please add any sources you use even from the lectures. word count 850-900 excluding refrence.
I hope the answer and the explanation is clear and not complicated
Please check the rubric and the guidelines, and answer all the questions carefully.
we should pick up a threat source to UAE, and I choose (Yaman), All the questions are in the assessment file that I will upload. I also will upload the PowerPoint presentation, which may help.
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Business Studies

Explain what it produces and identify the activities that would drive costs.

Select a manufacturer in your area(Atlanta Ga) and explain how it could implement an activity-based costing (ABC) system. When you are deciding on a company to use, consider the costs and benefits in implementing an ABC system. In your post, provide some background information about your company. Explain what it produces and identify the activities that would drive costs. Discuss the cost pools that it would use. Recommend the process it would need to go through to implement ABC in the company.
When responding to two of your peers, identify strengths and/or weaknesses in their implementation plan. Is ABC appropriate for the company they have selected? Have they considered all activities that may drive costs? Are the cost pools listed appropriate? What if any assumptions have been overlooked?
My area is Atlanta, Ga
cite source and respond to 1 peer


I attached the example file, and also the chapter that i have choose and you cou

I attached the example file, and also the chapter that i have choose and you could do as the example but 0 plagiarism


We need to do the following:

We need to do the following:
Frequency analysis of the demographic questions only
Correlation analysis of the different parts of the questionnaire. To do this:
create 4 new variables (TotalWE; TotalPEP; TotalCHS; TotalTI) for each part. This total is a summation of the questions/answers received on each part
use this total in analyzing the correlation
Regression analysis (use the totals created above) to analyze (all the 5 relationships)
Structured equation Modeling (Model Fit test) of the model
Perceived Performance,Competition to hire the highly skilled,Turnover Intention,Work environment


It’s an interesting article so please read it.

For Essay #3, I’d like you to read the attached pdf article from The Chronicle for Higher Education. It basically surrounds the state university system with much of the focus on decisions made by the state and the University of Florida as to allowing professors to offer opinions, or offer testimony in court cases. It’s basically a debate about free speech on campus and among academics, and when it should be allowed and where.
It’s an interesting article so please read it. It involves free speech which is a huge discussion point right now with an election coming up in November, and it’s current due to COVID-19, etc.
Put together a one page (300-ish words) essay looking at both sides of this debate. Again, it’s important for you to look AT BOTH SIDES of this, both on the side of the professors and freedom of speech, but also how the state sees it. How much freedom of speech should professors be given? Should they be allowed to testify as experts on either side of a case? Is there a line and who should decide when it’s crossed?


Why or why not?

Identify at least two areas in which you have knowledge, at least two areas in which you want to know more about, and why this is of interest to you.
Love Languages Reflection:
Take a few minutes to explore the Web site. Complete the survey to find out your love language. Then have a significant other such as a spouse, partner, family member, etc. (does not have to be a romantic interest) complete the survey as well.
In a well-written summary, reflect on both survey results, and respond to the following questions.
Describe your love language supported with lesson content.
Were you surprised by the results? Why or why not?
Describe the other person’s love language.
Again, were you surprised? Why or why not?
What changes can you make to communicate and express love more effectively to your significant other?

Business Studies

***note – a link to this information is found in the course materials section.

**Your initial response (Minimum 250 words) to this assignment is due on Wednesday by 11:59 PM CST. At least two substantial responses (Minimum 100 words each) should be made to classmates. These are due on Sunday by 11:59 PM CST
Students are expected to follow good writing habits. This means the answer or answers to the question should be complete and thorough, but also concise. I should not see more than 500 words written for any discussion board assignment. Please make your words count. (This total does not include the reference section.)
The word wrap feature should be used. This means that you should not press enter at the end of the line. You should press enter at the end of the paragraph.
Most discussion board assignments in this course will require you to answer specific questions and to insert screenshots or links into the discussion board forum.
1. Click on the left-hand side of your task bar if you are using Windows 10. If you are not using Windows 10, you will need to do some research on features available for your operating system. Type the word “Tips” / You should see the second screenshot – Figure 2 / Click this.
2. Choose Protect Your PC. Review these tips on protecting your computer. ***NOTE – A link to this information is found in the Course Materials section.
3. Choose two of the three articles below about keeping your computer safe. (These can be found in the Bethel Library.) Do not choose additional sources than those listed.
Any Platform (Windows, iOS, Chrome OS)
Keeping your computer safe – – Sharon Powers – 2018 – PSA Journal
Practical considerations for a safe e-learning process – Journal of Information Systems and Operations Management – Dec 2020
Computer Virus Attacks and Their Preventative Mechanisms: … – 2021 – International Journal of Technology
Ransomware Recovery Checklist – Cybersecurity / Journal of Health Care Compliance – 2017
The Ransomware Threat Grows: How to Prepare – Medical Economics – August 2021
Cybersecurity, a Rocketing Challenge: International Journal of Nursing Education and Research – Dec 2021
Ten Quick Tips for Staying Safe Online – PLoS Computational Biology – March 2021
Tips for Mac Users :
Tips for Chromebook Users
How to configure your Chromebook for ultimate security PC World
Hack the Hackers: Tips, Tricks, and Tools for Keeping Safe by Brian Pichman
4. Describe why it is important to be vigilant about security awareness when using your computer and discuss three things you can do to keep your device safe or reduce privacy concerns.
5. Take and post a screenshot which shows your computer update screen along with your name.
Note – I pulled a Word document up, typed my name, then – moved it to the window which displayed my update screen. At this point, I took a screenshot. Your screenshot should not be of your entire desktop. It should be very similar to mine. You can use the Windows snipping tool to do this, the screenshot tool in Mac iOS, or some other snipping tool which allows you to capture the appropriate image. / When the screenshot has been copied, click after the writing in your initial post and use the keyboard shortcut CTRL+V to paste this into the discussion board forum. (for Mac: Cmd+Shift+3


The society of friends, or _____, established generally peaceful relations with the neighboring native delaware tribe under the leadership of the colony’s william penn.

Directions: Quiz #1 contains two parts. In the first part, type the answer that best completes the sentence or answers the question. In the second part, respond to each of the short answer questions in your own words. Each of the questions in Section 1 is worth 2 points. Each of the questions in Section 2 is worth 8 points.
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Section 1
The effects of the European discovery of the Americas was profound. The _____ included the transfer of animals and plants, as well as disease, between the Americas and Europe. Another aspect of the discovery was the slave trade, in which African tribes supplied slaves, or _____ (reflecting the wealth they gained), to European merchants.
Sugar, or what some Europeans called the sweet _____, revolutionized the tastes of Europeans and led to the forced importation of millions of slaves into America. The Atlantic passage for slaves took four to eight weeks, and perhaps one out of every _____ (what number?) captives died on this brutal voyage.
The Society of Friends, or _____, established generally peaceful relations with the neighboring native Delaware tribe under the leadership of the colony’s William Penn. By contrast, _____ occurred in the late seventeenth century when a native leader rose up and led the Pueblo against Spanish rule because of forced conversions, tribute, and the encomienda system.
Next to the Bible, the most widely read book in the colonies was _____, by Benjamin Franklin, in which he shared quips and homespun philosophy. Colonial thinking was also dominated by _____, a body of thought that came from thinkers in England who held that concentrated power was the enemy of liberty and too much power in any one person or group would lead to corruption and tyranny. Both “common sense” and fear of concentrated power continue to define what it means to be an American.
During the Great Awakening, individual members of churches could preach themselves by sharing their conversion experience or their understanding of the Bible, called _____. By contrast, in the mid-seventeenth century the Congregational Church allowed the children of members to join even if they had not had a conversion experience, which was called the _____.

Business Studies

Please cite your sources and complete part 2 of the excel worksheet

Submit a publish of the inventory management and benchmarking sections of the final project (Sections II and III, respectively), including all critical elements as listed in the Final Project Guidelines and Rubric document. Refer to the Hampshire Company Case Study Word document, as this will provide you with details on how to complete this milestone. All calculations for your quantitative analysis should be completed in the Hampshire Company Spreadsheet. You will provide a rough publish of the written portion of your qualitative analysis in a Word document.
For additional details, please refer to the Milestone Two Guidelines and Rubric PDF document and the Final Project Guidelines and Rubric PDF document.
Please cite your sources and complete part 2 of the excel worksheet